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‘Francesca’ by Hozier: Single Review

Irish singer-songwriter Hozier releases ‘Francesca’, in anticipation for his upcoming album ‘Unreal Unearth’, which is due to be released on August 18th. ‘Francesca’ follows the highly anticipated ‘Eat Your Young’ EP, which was released earlier this year. The EP explores themes of lust and longing while retaining the captivating, complex lyricism that has made him a firm favourite amongst folklore fans. It’s evident the singer is taking a new approach with his new work, as Francesca has a nota

Album Review: Pacific Avenue – Flowers

The group, hailing from Gerringong, NSW, described the album as ‘nothing that hasn’t already been done before’, but as ‘something we’ve wanted to be a part of for a long time’, with elements of trademark rock-and-roll rhythms threaded throughout the project. To accompany the album, the band have announced a national tour in their home country, with their first show scheduled for July 28th in Perth. The record starts strong with the crisp, polished Spin Me Like Your Records, which injects an ins

‘Alone' By Kim Petras and Nicki Minaj Review

With the release of Alone by Kim Petras and Nicki Minaj, it seems that we’ve finally found this year’s song of the summer. The single was highly anticipated after clips of the tune went viral on TikTok – a popular modern marketing strategy for artists. Many users were expressing their excitement and delighting in the return of a Europop styled tune. The song samples the iconic 1990 club classic Better Off Alone by Dutch Europop duo Alice Deejay, and features Petras’ classic sex-positive, fun,

‘Hyperfixations’ by Catie Turner: Single Review

American singer-songwriter Catie Turner has released her latest single, ‘Hyperfixations’ – and this soundscape is a blend of pop and rock and hits in all the right places. The singer, who rose to prominence after participating in Season 16 of American Idol, grew her audience further by posting online, gaining nearly 400k followers on TikTok. Turner also went viral when her song ‘Prom Queen’ was used in the trailer of Shane Dawson’s 2019 YouTube series, ‘The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star’. Tu

Peach PRC: Australia’s newest pop princess

Australian singer-songwriter Peach PRC is pioneering a new category of musicians, intertwining her TikTok storytimes with her songs to craft her own personal musical diary, transforming her darkest and most intimate thoughts into cautiously optimistic anthems. Peach, real name Shaylee Curnow, started posting storytimes and snippets of her music to TikTok in 2019. Coming from a troubled background, the singer used social media as an escape, and was surprised by how quickly she grew an audience.

A traveller’s guide to South Vietnam

Vietnam is a destination that is frequently seen on the itineraries of backpackers, and it’s no surprise why. The southeast Asian country oozes charm, with breathtaking scenery, incredibly friendly people, and affordable accommodation and food. But whilst many tourists choose to stick with the North of Vietnam and explore Hanoi, Ha Long Bay and Ninh Binh, (which of course, should not be missed), many neglect the Southern corners of Vietnam, and the hidden beauty that lies there. Here are some

Caroline Polachek: 'Desire, I Want To Turn Into You'

Caroline Polachek deconstructs desire and celebrates emotion in its rawest form on her glorious new album, Desire, I Want To Turn Into You. The Connecticut-born singer-songwriter is no stranger to the world of pop, having written for artists including Charli XCX, Christine and the Queens, and Beyoncé. The 37-year-old artist also co-founded indie pop band, Chairlift, whilst studying at the University of Colorado, and they emerged from the late-2000s music scene with their sleeper hit, Bruises.

Annual Award for Non-fiction Writing Announced by the Women’s Prize Trust

The Women’s Prize Trust have launched an annual award that will reward women’s non-fiction writing. The award was set up after research found that women were less likely to be reviewed or win prizes when compared to their male counterparts. The prize, which the trust hopes to award for the first time in 2024, will run alongside their long-running fiction prize, and will be open to all female writers who write in English, and are published in the UK. The Women’s Prize Trust is currently searchi

Head of Epsom College and family found dead in suspected murder-suicide

Emma Pattison, recently appointed head of the prestigious Epsom College, has been found dead alongside her husband and daughter in a suspected murder-suicide. The bodies of the headteacher, 45, her husband, George, 39, and their seven-year-old daughter Lettie were discovered in the early hours of Sunday 5 February, on the grounds of the school. Pattison had been working as headteacher at the private school since September last year, following a six-year period as head at Croydon High School.

Cloe Wilder – ‘Remember Me’ — When The Horn Blows

16-year-old alternative pop artist Cloe Wilder has released the second single from her upcoming sophomore EP (details to be confirmed), ‘Remember Me’. The first single from the record, ‘House by the Water’, gained positive attention on Wilder’s TikTok, with the dreamy folk track featuring similarities to her latest release. The track is a mix of hazy nostalgia and whispery, yet controlled vocals, with Wilder’s celestial tone feeling reminiscent of pop sensation Billie Eilish’s early work. The

Are We Too Obsessed With Celebrity Relationships?

Fascination with celebrities is hardly a new concept. From what they’re wearing, to who they’ve been spotted with, modern pop culture wouldn’t be complete without a glaring spotlight being shone onto the personal lives of our favourite stars. But are we too obsessed with celebrities, and more specifically, their relationships? When does an innocent interest in who’s dating who cross the line? Misogyny Towards Stars and Their Partners A classic example of the obsession with the personal lives o

Why you shouldn’t leave Cambodia out of your Asian backpacking adventure

When planning a backpacking trip across Asia, most budget travellers tend to go for the more popular, Instagram-friendly destinations, such as Thailand, Vietnam, and, increasingly, Indonesia (and more specifically, Bali). Cambodia, despite being situated between Thailand and Vietnam, is often skipped. The country has a troubled past, but this doesn’t mean it has nothing to offer. Here are some of the top places to visit t

Backpacking Australia – A guide to the must-see destinations!

The past few years have been a tricky time for aspiring travellers, with COVID restrictions wreaking havoc on travel plans for everyone. Luckily, the world is opening up, and Australia, one of the most popular destinations for young backpackers, has re-opened its doors. It’s no surprise that the country is a hit with tourists with the vast landscape and varied terrain offering a range of activities to suit everyone’s interests. Here are some of the top locations to check out when visiting Aust

Are all TikTok child star accounts inherently exploitative?

TikTok has undoubtedly become one of the largest social media sensations on the planet, with the platform giving anyone the ability to launch a career. Due to the viral nature of the video-sharing app, it’s no surprise that everyone is creating content aiming to find fame. Family content dominates much of Tiktok, especially when it involves young children. Creators such as Maia Knight and Jacquelyn & Wren have gained a large following due to their popular posts featuring their daughters. Maia,

REVIEW: 'Corner Of My Eye' by The Lemon Twigs

American rock band The Lemon Twigs have released their highly anticipated single ‘Corner Of My Eye’, after a 2-year break – and it doesn’t disappoint. Brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario formed the group in their home of Long Island, New York in 2014. The siblings, both multi-instrumentalists, vocalists, and songwriters, share roles within the band. Both of their voices effortlessly weave together to create gorgeous, subtle harmonies. The D’Addario brothers are no strangers to performing and

Narrow Head - 'Gearhead' —

Alt-grunge heavyweights Narrow Head embrace solitude on their tumultuous new release, Gearhead. The U.S. rock quintet, formed in Texas by vocalist Jacob Duarte in 2013, have been going from strength to strength since the release of their debut album Satisfaction. Their upcoming project, Moments of Clarity (available February 10th) via Church Road Records, promises the listener a melancholy soundscape of emotion that builds on their previous work and takes their usual themes to a deeper, more pe


Australian pop-rock band 5SOS is back, with their highly anticipated fifth studio album, 5SOS5. The group, comprised of Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, and Michael Clifford, formed in 2011 in Sydney, New South Wales, has become one of the most successful musical acts in Australia’s history. Since 2014, 5 Seconds of Summer have sold more than 10 million albums, over 2 million concert tickets worldwide, and have total song streams that surpass 7 billion. Their latest release, the first

Bhutan's Boarders Are Open: What Does This Mean For Travellers?

Bhutan has recently announced that they are back open, allowing travellers into the landlocked Himalayan kingdom from the 23rd of September. The country, situated in south-central Asia, had closed their borders during the COVID lockdowns over 2 years ago, but their re-opening doesn’t mean you can just fly in and head off on your journey. Indeed, Bhutan has a unique approach to tourism. Bhutan is also unique in that it is one of the only carbon-negative countries in the world, highlighting the

Indigo Sparke - 'Hysteria'

Indigo Sparke embraces the intricacies of intimacy on the gorgeously lovesick anthem, ‘Hysteria’. Australian singer-songwriter Indigo Sparke, who relocated to New York in the spring of 2021, has gone from strength to strength since the release of her critically acclaimed subdued debut, Echo. The artist, who has collaborated with Aaron Dessner on her latest record (coming October 7th) explores her unapologetic emotions on a deeper level than seen before. Dessner, who has previously worked with

REVIEW: 'SUCKERPUNCH' by Maggie Lindemann

Texas-born singer-songwriter, Maggie Lindemann, has recently released her highly anticipated debut album SUCKERPUNCH, with the record exploring themes such as toxicity, teen angst, and substance abuse. The 24-year-old musician first gained a following by posting videos of herself singing to the now defunct social media platform Keek, and was discovered after her current manager, Gerald Tennison, came across a video she had posted to Instagram. Despite releasing a number of singles previously, S
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